Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So the boys have been with us for almost a year!!! Just wanted to post a few family pictures taken the the most amazing photographer!!! Who is like a mother to me! Thank you Jenny!!!!

From pretty much the first day the boys came to America they started praying to have another baby brother or sister. And sure enough, God has heard their prayer! We are expecting a baby in Febuarary! We are all sooooo excited!!!!!!!!! Please pray a quick prayer for a good pregnancy and a healthy baby:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are all doing great! Praise God!! The boys are doing great in school and are picking up a little English. I think we are all used to each other, sometimes I can't believe that we haven't always been a family. The boys are very sweet and are always telling us how much they love us and are very affectionate. They both love their little sister and play with her a lot. We thank God everyday for giving us these boys.

When we started the adoption process we were hoping to change a child's life, little did we know how much God was going to change ours. For those of you that have been praying for us THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Please continue to pray for us as our children grow.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kids in the backyard after school

First day of school :) The boys don't look too happy here, but they actually where pretty excited about school. This was taken after school(maybe they are a little overwhelmed after all the learning ;)

Eddie in his classroom

Driving home from the airport

Us at a wedding

Sorry!!! No update for a while.... we have been sooo busy!!! We are all home and everyone is doing well. I plan on posting something on my blog every morning, but somehow it anyways gets to the bottom of the list and in the evening I am too tried to write. This week and half have been really busy. Just getting boys to doctors appt, getting them registered for school and learning a little English. It been a crazy week... a lot of getting used to for all of us!!!! But things are getting better and better everyday. Kaleb and Eddie actually started school today! Kaleb was a little nervous but Eddie was pretty excited yesterday. Today when we came to school the both seem to like it a lot. Kaleb said "I think I am going to want to come here everyday, even on weekends" (that was after he saw the computers) .
The boys are doing great with their little sister! Vanessa tells them to get on their hands and knees, puts and blanket on their back, holds one of the corners and walks around with them( like they are her ponies) The boys get upset when she only wants one pony because one of them is left out. She also jumps on them to wrestle ( sometimes I don't recognize my little princess). The boys play dolls with her, they all get strollers and walk around the house with their babies. Yeah, our quite house became a zoo!! :) But we like it like that!!!
I will post some pictures within the next couple days! (maybe even today)
God Bless!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay so I have been without my boys for a week now :( I miss them a lot!!! We talk on the phone twice a day.
Sergei has the boys staying in our apartment and seems to doing very good. They are definitely getting there father and son time. He takes them to school everyday and when I call him in the evening he is helping boys with homework.
Sergei called me this morning at 4 to tell me that he got passports for the boys. The lady doing passports was VERY MEAN this whole time and honestly there were times this week Sergei and I questioned if we where ever going to get passports. I not sure what happened to her, but Sergei said she called him to pick up passports even earlier than he expected and when he tried to give her some money as a thank you, she refused to take it and not only that but she also did NOT charge him for the passports. Amazing!!!
That means they are all coming home next Friday :)
I am so happy to be home and feel very blessed to hear that so people have been praying for us. We really needed it!!! Thank you all very much!!!! I will add couple more posts after the boys come and then we will happily ever after :)
God Bless